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Water quality tester for travel
Tumbler type water quality tester that can be used anytime, anywhere

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Water Quality Tester
for Travel


Tumbler-type Portable Water Quality Tester

High AccuracyHigh Portability & UsabilityIoTCost-Effective

Specification - Water Talk Travel

Core Technology Optical Light Soure Repeatability Range
Chaotic Scattering Laser(Class 3B) 660 nm ±0.02 NTU 0 ~ 3 NTU
Dimensions (mm) Wifi/BLE Charger
Ø90×175 Supported USB-C
Core Technology Chaotic Scattering
Optical Light Soure Laser(Class 3B) 660 nm
Repeatability ±0.02 NTU
Range 0 ~ 3 NTU
Dimensions (mm) Ø90×175
Wifi/BLE Supported
Charger USB-C