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Next Generation
Lensless Deep Learning
Sensor Platform for

Impurity, Bacteria, and Pathogen

The.Wave.Talk presents a water monitoring sensor with optical path amplification technology, significantly surpassing existing limitations. This innovative sensor accurately quantifies all foreign substances in water—from turbidity to bacteria and pathogens— at 1/10th the size and disruptive cost innovation of conventional sensors without any compromise on performance.


We envision universal access to clean water through the democratization of water quality monitoring.

Key Features

Effortless and Seamless

Water Quality Monitoring

01 Accessibility

Zero Maintenance,

Full Monitoring

Our world's first maintenance-free turbidimeter requires no cleaning or calibration for up to 10 years, remaining unaffected by water scaling, scratches, and biofilm. Equipped with IoT technology and accessible via a web or mobile app, it simplifies water quality management for even extensive data sets, such as those from membrane cells.

02 Affordability

Miniature Size,

Minimal Cost

By integrating the core components(laser and camera) into a single-chip ASIC, we've created a sensor that is 1/10th the size and disruptive cost reduction compared to competitors' Table-Top and In-Line turbidimeters. This enables the installation of turbidimeters inside small household appliances (such as water purifiers and humidifiers), allowing for real-time water quality checks. Additionally, it requires no extra maintenance costs or specialized staff, ensuring cost-effective operation.

03 Performance

Quick and Correct

in Every Pulse

Despite its affordable price and compact size, it maintains accuracy on par with other professional turbidimeters. It can measure water turbidity in just 10 seconds without requiring any experimental apparatus. Not just for laboratories or experts, it ensures accurate and consistent measurement, enabling the acquisition of high-quality data.

Core Technology

CSMS™ with A.I

Detecting All Foriegn Substance

in Water

The.Wave.Talk has surpassed the limitations of existing turbidity sensors with its core technology. Through our patented hardware, CSMS™ (Chaotic Scattering Material and Structure), we elongate optical path lengths through the measurement sample and precisely analyze the concentration of impurities regardless of the light source or measurement environment, using AI technology for scattering signal analysis. By integrating all these technologies through ASIC development, we offer sensors that are cost-competitive and compact, making them applicable to any industry.






20 nm

Applicable Area

Digitized Water for

Full-cycle Water Management

Now, water quality can be measured and shared anywhere, just like any other data. Our goal is to provide reliable data at every point related to water quality, at a competitive price. The affordable price, compact size, and the semi-permanent nature of the sensor enable its application across the entire water supply chain, from source to user. By continuously monitoring water turbidity, it can detect changes in the concentration of fine particles and identify contamination, allowing for prompt and appropriate responses. This significantly enhances the efficiency of water quality management systems and leads to cost savings in maintenance.