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Last Mile : Individuals

Public and Community Facilities

Water quality management in large public institutions and buildings is crucial due to their significant impact, and must be more stringent. Facilities like kindergartens, nurseries, postnatal care centers, and nursing homes, which house individuals vulnerable to infections, must prioritize the management of drinking and utility water quality as it is directly linked to health. Maintenance-free water quality monitoring contributes to cost savings and customer satisfaction, and its ease of use and maintenance allow staff to conveniently utilize it.

Ex) Public drinking fountains, smart buildings, hotels and resorts, kindergartens, postnatal care centers, nursing facilities.

Food Service Establishments

Water quality in food service establishments is an indicator of hygiene and is measured as part of hygiene grading systems. Clean hygiene management not only provides the best service to customers but also pre-emptively manages the risks associated with water quality issues. Water quality management for raw water used in drinking and cooking, and contamination management for appliances like water purifiers, coffee machines, and ice makers, are essential. Reliable data allows staff and managers to organically manage the facility.

Ex) Food courts in department stores, large supermarkets, malls, mass catering facilities in schools and military bases, facilities using commercial ice makers (cafes, bars, restaurants)


Using a water quality tester at home allows individuals to regularly check and manage water quality, protecting health and safety. It also enables the hygienic management of water-related appliances like water purifiers and humidifiers. Personal water quality testing tools collect high-quality water data at many touchpoints, ultimately enabling everyone to enjoy clean water quality.

Ex) Water purifiers, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, humidifiers and other small appliances, smart water meters, smart faucets, smart appliance bacterial monitoring.

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