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Mid Mile : Industry

General Industry

Sudden water quality issues in industrial water can lead to product quality problems and reduced factory operation rates. Especially, membranes used for the stable supply of water tailored to the requirements of each industrial sector need continuous maintenance, so rapid response through water quality monitoring is essential for maintaining process quality and productivity.

Ex) cooling water monitoring, monitoring the quality and stability of production processes, membrane monitoring in RO and UPW processes, monitoring water for cleaning precision products like PCBs and displays, CIP monitoring, and real-time monitoring of wastewater discharge standards.

Hospitals and Laboratories

In hospitals and laboratories, water quality sensors are used for hygiene management and equipment cleaning verification, allowing for the rapid and accurate measurement of water and solution turbidity to ensure patient safety and the accuracy of experiments. They can be efficiently utilized within hospitals due to their ease of use and quick result delivery.

Ex) monitoring of sterilized water, distilled water, purified water, pharmaceutical water, and water for injection, facilities using medical and laboratory ice makers, rapid tests for urinary infections, etc.


In the food and pharmaceutical sectors, where bacteria management is crucial, continuous quality management of raw water and products is a legal requirement. Sensors that can quickly and automatically measure the total amount of foreign substances in water, and further, the total amount of bacteria in water, are provided to ensure a safety-first environment.

Ex) rapid tests for bacterial contamination in aquaculture, heterogenous bacteria tests, digital culturing (presence of bacteria, total count, species differentiation), smart factories (various raw and process waters in the food and biotech industries), smart farms (real-time monitoring of various agricultural waters and nutrient solutions).

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